Well, okay then.

by Mel

May 16, 2007 – 9 years old. I am marking this date. Today is the day I heard the words “I love you,” from The Boy for the first time – ever. Yes, ever. It seems a bit late to be writing such a thing in a baby book – I don’t recall a space for filling in “date my autistic son finally said I love you…and unprovoked even!” in our baby book anyway. So here I am. Documenting.

I was walking down the hallway past his room, he came bounding out behind me. He hugged me from behind and said “I love you.” Just like that. All nonchalant. And I heard many trumpets in a fanfare, thunderous applause, and fireworks – right there in the hallway. “Thank you! I love you too!” I said. He scurried off, and I waited until he disappeared around the corner before collapsing into a pile of stunned disbelief.