Me Again

by Mel

Did you ever rummage around through a junk drawer or box full of stuff and find something really cool? Something that makes you smile, or brings back memories? And you wonder how you let it get shoved aside? Well, this weekend, I found that something, tucked away in bits and pieces on my computer. I used to have a blog. A blog that wasn’t for my business. A blog with a voice that was my own. For four years, I dumped all of myself into the words there. Sometimes they were serious, sometimes they were sad, sometimes they were just silly….but they were always me. But then, what was once my voice became strained and unfamiliar. It became more of a chore than an outlet. It lost its luster. Its appeal. Like many things in my life, I let it go.

When I came across some of the old things I had written, I was unable to sleep that night. The idea of writing things down and sorting them out has always settled me. When my life had chaos, I was writing. Something. Somewhere. It is only natural then, that since my life is in chaos, once again, that the thought of my blog kept pulling on me. Now, I am not a writer, by any means. Any words I manage to get written down are usually nothing more than a stream of consciousness. A brain dump. A purging. But I think that is exactly what I could use in my life right now.

This blog is that old the sense that the name is the same. I have made all of my old entries private, aside from a few that still speak in a voice I feel confident is my own. I may add a few more, as time goes on…but most everything here will be new. Just as I have changed and grown over the last few years, this blog will reflect that. Less of a “mom blog” and more of a me blog. Of course, there will still be plenty of me sorting through being a mom, as it is such a huge part of my life. But now, it is not the only part. And I am hoping that sharing words and images here will help me as much as it has in the past. Because, while turmoil may be good for art, it is hell on the soul.